How I keep my makeup brushes sanitized

People have different ways of organizing and keeping their makeup stuff clean. This post is to share with you chummers how I keep my makeup brushes sanitized.

  1. Separate the clean, slightly-used, and the must-clean brushes I have three containers for my makeup brushes. The first one stores the clean and unused brushes. It has a lid so the brushes won’t get dirty or contaminated with dust, especially since my room does not have AC and it’s not always closed. The second one stores the used brushes that I am using within a 2-week period. It also has a lid to protect the brushes from dust. The third one is just a open basket tray which contains the brushes from container #2 that passed the 2-week period. These are the brushes that I must deep clean or wash.
  2. Spot clean the brushes after every use For the brushes that are stored in container #2, I spot clean them with Parian brush cleaner every after use, before re-storing it back. This way, I’m at peace to use it again next time.
  3. Deep clean the brushes regularly For the brushes that are stored in container #3, I usually wait for the tray to be at least half-full, unless I really need a brush that’s in it. I wash them at the faucet. I swirl it with water first, then I put a drop of Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo. There are special brush shampoos out there but I’m sticking with baby shampoo for now. I will then brush it on the brush egg (or the palm of my hand), and then rinse it thoroughly with water. I repeat the process as needed, especially when I used the brush with cream-based products like foundation, concealer, or lipsticks. Wash the handle too, but be careful not to wet the part of the handle where the brush bristles are glued. This might loosen the glue and you may experience shedding. Air dry the brushes, positioning the handles slightly elevated so the remaining of the water will drip down the tip of the bristles. When fully dried, I store them back to container #1.

I hope this helps you somehow on keeping your brushes clean. It can be a lot of work, but it’s better be clean and safe than sorry.

With love, Makeupchum

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