Lipstick Depotting featuring Vueset Tahiti Palette

Do you own many lipsticks and feel the need of bringing more than one color with you wherever you go? Do you end up filling your makeup pouch with so much products making it bulky and heavy? Why not make your own palette by depotting those lipsticks! During one of my online shopping at DTC Makeup, I saw that they sell empty palettes. I purchased Vueset Tahiti, which is a clear empty palette containing 24 wells for depotting cream products and lipsticks. It cost PhP750/pc. when I purchased it.

Here’s my experience doing it. First, disinfect and sanitise! I made sure I cleaned the palette and the lipsticks. I sprayed NipponPH’s cosmetic sanitizer on the lipsticks and swabbed the palette with a damp cotton buds. Then, I chopped off a good amount of the lipstick from the casing/tube using a sanitised spatula. I took notes of the lipstick brand & name for each well for reference and labelling. I placed it on a spoon and melted it over the candle. I remember doing this as a child with crayons 🙂


But after 5 wells, I realised this isn’t a good way to do it because 1) the back of the spoon turns black easily and might transfer to the edges of the well when you pour it; 2) it’s kinda hard to pour the liquid in the well that is 0.5” wide and 1” long; 3) it’s hard to pour 100% of it in the well… some products are left on the spoon which I ended up just wiping off.


It says on the DTC Makeup website that buyers have tried to melt the depotted lipsticks in the microwave but I am afraid of overmelting the lipstick and melt the plastic palette also. So, I searched on Youtube what other methods people have tried and I saw a few who suggested to use a hair dryer.

So I went ahead and chopped off the rest of my lipsticks and placed them in the wells like what I did the first time.


Then I got my trusty hairdryer, put it in the hottest / highest setting and heated the wells from the top and from the bottom. You have to be careful doing this because the lipstick tends to bubble as it becomes liquid. When it bubbles, it may splash and mix with the other products in the adjacent wells.

After melting the lipsticks, I let it cool. Here’s the photo of how it looks like. As you can see, the first five wells that I did (top 5 on the right in this photo) have a polished look. But it’s okay if the rest  have spaces, they’re already melted anyway and won’t fall off the well 🙂


Finally, LABELS! I typed the details in Microsoft Publisher – including the Brand, collection name, color code, and color name. Then I printed it in sticker paper, stick it on the back side of the palette and there go the labels!
Tip: When doing the labels, start from row 8 of the well (on the left) to row 1 of the well (on the right). This is because the positioning is reversed when you turn the palette upside down.


I’m really happy that I did this! Just look at how they differ in volume and I still have empty wells to fill in the future.


Let me know in the comments if you also tried to depot your lipsticks and how did it go 🙂 I would love to hear from you.

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