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Hi Chummers! So, I’ve been trying local drugstore foundations – liquid, powder, cream… and I find it hard to match my (or others’) skin tone. It’s either light, dark, or pinkish. Then while browsing an online store – www.dtcmakeup.com, I saw this cream-based foundation palette by RCMA. RCMA makeup is known for their foundations, used by professional makeup artists worldwide – for movies, theaters, and others. Their foundation is 50% pigment, which means you need only a little amount of product to achieve full coverage. You may read more about them here: http://www.rcmamakeup.net/About.html

I purchased a VK-18-shade foundation palette. It is customized exclusively for DTC Makeup only to fit Filipinos skintone – with light yellow undertone. The two darkest shades can be used for contouring. What I also love about it is that you can easily mix different shades in a palette to achieve your desired color. This retails at PhP3,950/palette. That is roughly PhP220/shade.

RCMA VK-18 Foundation Palette - front cover

RCMA VK-18 Foundation Palette – front cover

RCMA VK-18 Foundation Palette - inside

RCMA VK-18 Foundation Palette – inside

18 shades in order:
KO-I, KO-II, KO-III, KO-IV, S-1, S-4

RCMA VK-18 Foundation Palette - back

RCMA VK-18 Foundation Palette – back

I read somewhere that you can also change the consistency of this foundation – from cream to semi-liquid. RCMA also have a foundation thinner, which retails at PhP720 per 1oz. bottle. So, if you find the foundation too thick, you can add a drop of foundation thinner to make the coverage more sheer.

Foundation Thinner

Foundation Thinner

Next is powder. I’ve been looking also for a no-color powder and glad to find out that RCMA have it. Because after you’ve managed to achieve the perfect look/color/coverage, you do not want to add more/different color by setting your foundation or makeup with a colored powder. That’s why I find this product brilliant and a must-have! It retails at PhP750 per 3oz. bottle.

RCMA No Color Powder

RCMA No Color Powder

Now, beauty hygiene is very important, right? To avoid cross-contamination (by double-dipping the brush or sponge in the product), I also got this mixing palette and spatula set. This set is easy to clean and disinfect because it is made from stainless steel material. It retails at PhP800 per set.

DTC Makeup- Mixing Palette & Spatula Set

DTC Makeup- Mixing Palette & Spatula Set

Finally, a tool to help educate me more about colors… a pocket color wheel! To help me determine which colors match – from eyeshadow to blush to lip color. It retails at PhP250 per piece.

Pocket Color Wheel

Pocket Color Wheel

There you have it, chummers, my latest haul. I’ve been posting more hauls recently. Come 2015, I’ll be sharing with you how I use these products, more swatches and makeup looks both here on my website and also on my youtube channel.

‘Til next time! Happy New Year to all!!!


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